The New Dominion

The Book of Whitehead Aircraft, Richmond, Surrey.

Printed by Geo. W. Jones at the Sign of The Dolphin in Gough Square off Fleet Street, London, E.C.

This book was obtained from a gentleman in Wales who had attempted to sell the book on eBay, but made a private transaction with my father who, incidentally, shares the same name and is the grandson of John Alexander Whitehead. They also share the same birth date of August 8th.

The publication date is not printed in this book. However, it is known that the printer lived between 1860-1942 and therefore the printing is likely to be original and not a reproduction as was initially thought.


On the inside cover of this thin, card covered booklet, is a dedication as follows:

"This work is dedicated to those far-seeing people who, in the early days of aviation, anticipated its immense potentialities and gave of their brains, their time, their money; and to the memory of those who gave their lives"

A Flight Global Magazine article about the release of the New Dominion publication.