Airco DeHavilland D.H.9/D.H.9.A

  • On January 26th, 1918, Whitehead Aircraft, Ltd. was contracted to build 100 D.H.9s. The serial numbers of those DH9s were;E601-E7001

A contract for D.H.9.As was also established. Of the following 400 models, the last 60 (E1041-E1100) were canceled in November 19182.

  • E701-E1100

Few details are known about the D.H.9 builds and subsequent distribution, apart from serial number E691, which was used in the 211 Squadron Charge3.

  1. Information courtesy of J. M. Bruce 's "British Aeroplanes 1914-1918", and passed to me by 'Froggy' of the Aerodrome Forum.

  2. Reference: The D.H.4/D.H.9 File by Ray Sturtivant and Gordon Page (1999). Information kindly sent in by Yavor Dinkov.

  3. Picture and information courtesy of 211 Squadron RAF website.

After the Sopwith Pup contracts had ended, Whitehead Aircraft Ltd. had received a contract to build S.E.5.s; however, this contract was dropped in favor of building D.H.9 bombers.