Sopwith Pup

The Sopwith Pup was officially known as the Scout.  It got nicknamed the Pup as it was a single-seat version of the two-seat Sopwith Strutter.
Whitehead Aircraft built a total of 820 Sopwith Pups.

The following are the serial numbers
1. of the Sopwith Pups manufactured at the Whitehead Aircraft Ltd. works, Richmond, Surrey.
  • A6150 - A62492. 3.
  • B2151 - B22504.
  • B5251 - B54005.
  • B7481 - B7580
  • CI451 - C15506. 
  • C3707 - 37767.
  • D4011 - D42107.
  1. Partial information taken from Flight magazine, January 1954. Entire serial numbers listed in the British Fighter Since 1912 by Frances K. Mason.
  2. Serial numbers A6190 - A6190 (and more) are seen in the YouTube Footage "Britain's Mastery in the Air"
  3. Models A6190, A6210, A6216 were flown by Major James McCudden during his tenure in 66 Squadron.  Info from McCudden's log book and provided by Alex Revell of the Aerodrome Forum
  4. A6249 pictured on right. With thanks to John A. Parker.
  5. Serial number B2218 was assigned to a training unit, and had a cat depicted on the fin.  Serial number B2192 was assigned to the School of Special Flying, Gosport, was striped and was flown by
     Capt. H. H. Balfour and Capt. E. L. Foote. Information courtesy of
    Cross and Cockade International.
  6. Information courtesy of J. M. Bruce 's "British Aeroplanes 1914-1918", and passed to me b
    y 'Froggy' of
    the Aerodrome Forum.
  7. Of this batch, the following models went to the Royal Navy with 80hp Le Rhone engines: C1502,C1503,C1508,C1516-1518,C1523,C1532,C1533,C1535,C1537,C1541.  Info from Bruce Robertson's book British Militray Aircraft Serials 1912-1968, and provided by Alex Revell of the Aerodrome Forum
  8. These two batches were built and delivered as spares to the Royal Navy.  Info from Bruce Robertson's book British Military Aircraft Serials 1912-1968, and provided by Alex Revell of the Aerodrome Forum